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We are a proud Distributor of Electro Freeze® and Upstate New York’s premiere source for frozen dessert equipment.

We specialize in all aspects of your business from site selection, floor plans, equipment selection and training, to servicing and replacement parts. If you’re adding to your existing business or need assistance from the ground up, the specialists at Specialized Equipment are the one-stop experts to call. Electro Freeze® equipment is superior in simplicity, ease of use, robustness and quality of product.

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Winter Storage Tips (Water and Air Cooled): 

To protect your machine during seasonal shutdown,
it is important to store the freezer properly. 
Use the Following procedures:
1.  Disconnect all power to the freezer.
2.  Disassemble and wash all parts that come into contact with the mix using a warm, mild detergent solution.  Rinse in clear water and
air-dry all parts thoroughly.  Clean drain tube and all exterior panels.
3. Store loose parts, such as the door assembly and dasher
assembly, in a safe dry place.
4.  Do not lay heavy objects on the plastic or rubber parts.
5. Cover the freezer and all loose parts to protect them from dust or other elements that could contaminate them while in storage. 
Place the freezer in a dry location.
Water cooled equipment requires additional winterizing steps, call today to schedule your Winterizing Service Visit!  




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